I’m mum to an amazing Aspie-girl and NT boy-comedian, and married to the most patient man in the world. Fortunately.
My daughter was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome six years ago, thanks to a referral by a Health Visitor at the age of five.  A whole five years after we realised that our little whirlwind was not your average child.  Like not sleeping.  Needing things to be the same.  And not being soothed by hugs and cuddles.  And a hundred and one other quirks that we now recognise as part of her autism, or connected to it.
Three years ago I was also assessed for autism, having previously sat through my daughter’s assessment mentally ticking off traits for both of us, and was also diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.  And ‘mild’ ADHD Inattentive type.
We live near London in a house with a metaphorical drawbridge.  My husband and son are happy with my preference for an introverted lifestyle; daughter not so much.  She’s the extrovert Aspie.  Weekends can be a literal tug-of-war.
I’m a primary teacher by profession, and have worked as an autism Parenting Practitioner for a fantastic Berkshire charity since 2012.  I have a particular interest in the education of autistic girls in mainstream schools, and am currently a doctoral researcher studying the lived experiences of autistic girls missing from education.